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Environmental Policy

Accolade Packaging Ltd, through the implementation of our environmental policy, is committed to achieving a high level of responsible environmental management, aspiring to meet and exceed all legal requirements
We are committed to the concept of sustainable development, with respect and priority to the environment, with continual improvement in our environmental performance. All Accolade sites will integrate environmental principles, programs and practices into its operation, to ensure that these issues are managed in a responsible and ecologically sustainable manner, which meets the company’s and community’s expectations.

Minimizing the environmental impacts of all commercial activities through emission control and efficient use of resources. 

We ensure that by providing information, training and supervision, operations are conducted safely and materials are handled properly. We try to prevent environmental pollution and avoid affecting the environment negatively by recycling waste, conserving energy and other resources and using materials that are environmentally friendly.

Keeping informed of, and complying with all applicable environmental laws and by-laws as a minimum standard of operation performance.

Encourage a culture of recycling including but not limited to, polymer products, cardboard, waste paper and timber pallets.  

Implement environmentally sound business practices throughout our distribution centre, printing site and administration offices, together with the active engagement of staff help identify and introduce new best practice standards.

We organize our operations so as to promote the safeguarding of the environment, safety and health and conduct audits to monitor progress throughout the company.

-: Member of New Zealand Packaging Accord – a voluntary initiative to cut down on wasteful packaging.

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