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Accolade Packaging provides a range of standard materials for the lowest cost through to barrier webs or specialty films.  Once we understand your targets for packaging we can advise how to best meet that standard.

We have a wide variety of options to achieve your end result, we can offer:

• the CLEARFLEX range of moisture protection films for everyday storage of baked goods
• oxygen protection films for food lines with more raw ingredients or oil content
• anti fog films for whole and processed fruit and vegetables packaging
• quick sealing films for very high speed lines to gain the most output from your investment in automation
• biodegradable films in three categories to highlight your commitment to the planet’s ecology
• twist wrap films for confectionery

We endeavor to maintain a very short supply chain with all our material providers, so most base films are available ex stock meaning there is need for extensive customer forecasting and crystal ball gazing.

All our film products can run on manual to automated packing systems.
All products are certified to comply with food contact and FDA declarations can be provided
Lead time for surface print on films is 3 weeks.

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