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Linapack LFC

Linapack LFC
Linapack LFC
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Principle operation:
The Linapack LFC SERIES machines consist of an intermittent rotary table that transports pouches by the spout through stations
where they are filled with liquid or viscous product and capped.

The basic operations include:

Pouch loading: In semi-automatic operation, the pouches are fed by the operator, the machine then handles the filling, capping and discharge operations. A rack system that can hold up to 300 pouches can be attached to the feeding station for automatic operation. Filling: The diving nozzle sits on the spout to ensure an air tight seal during filling for a proper pouch expansion. The dosing pump is placed externally to the machine for easy cleaning. Cap placing: The caps are fed by a vibratory or rotary sorter to a chute that places the cap accurately on the spout. Cap screwing: The cap is tightened by a rotating capping head with independent variable speed motor and adjustable magnetic torque control. Pouch discharge: The pouches are discharged on a chute for delivery to a conveyor or a collection table. See the options list for more features.


● Semi-automatic or automatic operation by addition of modules.
● Very compact size.
● Hygienic design with no part below the pouch level and no lubrication needed on the outside machine parts.
● Completely wash down safe, stainless steel and engineering plastics construction.
● Accurate and smooth rotary table motion.
● Complete access granted to all machine parts for quick and easy change over of spout size and easy maintenance.
● User friendly setting done via touch-screen.
● No pouch - no fill and no cap – no discharge safety features
● Quality and commonly available components chosen from well reputed international companies.

● Sets of change parts for different caps or spouts.
● Automatic pouch loading from rack system.
● Multiple rack magazine
● Gusset opening
● Nitrogen Flushing
● Various dosing pumps according to the product
and filled volume.
● Spout cleaning before capping
● Sorters for special cap shapes.
● Automatic cap refilling in sorter by external
● Conveyors and collection tables.
● Rejected pouches collection device.

Specifications LFC 3000 LFC 600
Maximum pouch
3 liters
(according to the filler
600 ml
Maximum pouch
W 300 x H 350 mm W 150 x H 350 mm
Spout inside diameter 9 to 35 mm
(more on request)
9 to 15 mm
(more on request)
Spout + cap height up to 50 mm
(more on request)
up to 30 mm
(more on request)
Production speed
(Varies according to the pouch
volume and spout inside
up to 30/minute up to 35/minute

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