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MEC Vacuum Sealer

MEC Vacuum Sealer
MEC Vacuum Sealer
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450VG is a compact lightweight vacuum sealer.

Smaller and lighter than chamber type systems, so your work space is not wasted and it is easily portable.
The 450VG is also quiet - no noisy electric vacuum pump, instead we use a venturi type pump that only whispers during the vacuum cycle. 
Utilizing a foot pedal for operation and can gas flush if required.

Applications include; food, medical, electronics, and any other product that needs to be protected against moisture and contamination.   Requires 10amp power supply and compressed air at 80 PSI.

455VG 450mm Vacuum sealer 5mm seal
4510VG 450mm Vacuum seal 10mm seal
605VG 600mm Vacuum sealer 5mm seal
6010VG 600mm Vacuum seal 10mm seal

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