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Mitsubishi Melfa Robots

Mitsubishi Melfa Robots
Mitsubishi Melfa Robots
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Armed for productivity.

MITSUBISHI MELFA industrial robots combine intelligent and state of the art technology in a compact package. Allowing manufacturing at high speeds with precision. Ease of use and connectivity with Mitsubishi's PLCs and FA equipment. With a wide selection of robot packages, automation of your production line has never been so accessible.

Product List

Vertical type robot

MELFA Vertical type robotBest fit for complex assembling.

Horizontal type robot

MELFA Horizontal type robotBest fit for packed food material handling and parts handling.

Ceiling mounted, horizontal type robot

MELFA Ceiling mounted, horizontal type robotBest fit for high speed electric parts handling and assembling.

Micro working robot

MELFA Micro working robotSmall, high speed, high precision robot with unique 5 links structure.

Intelligent Options

MELFA Intelligent OptionsPrepared the option for further advanced applications.

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