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  • Uses 36-41% less film than standard over wrap packaging machines
  • Consistent tightly wrapped packaging
  • Leak resistant end seals
  • Welded, trimmed center seal allows for easy printing on both the top and bottom of packages
  • Runs tray sizes from #2 to 10" x 15" including #9 and heights up to 5 1/4"
  • Runs at speeds up to 60 packages per minute
  • Creates leak resistant high or low profile case-ready packaging
  • Gripper chain system consistently stretches end seal shrink films to produce tightly wrapped packages
  • Stores up to 50 Tray Programs in the system for easy product change over, with times possible of less than two minutes
  • Servo driven technology and microprocessors reduce downtime and maintenance
  • Trim removal canister built-in
  • Stainless steel construction


  • 500 HWT Hot Water Tunnel - provides hot water shrink to maximize package integrity.
  • Automatic Indexer - turn your machine into a high-efficiency, one-operator production station.


  • Length: Standard Infeed: 163.5" (3860mm) | Auto Indexer: 181.375" (4318mm)
  • Height: Standard Infeed: 68-71" (1422-1549mm) | Auto Indexer: 68-71" (1422-1549mm)
  • Width: Standard Infeed: 49" (1346mm) | Auto Indexer: 49" (1346mm)
  • Electrical: 230 VAC, 3-Ph
  • Patents: 5,259,170; Re. 35,243; 5,385,004; 5,269,119; 5,271,210; 5,775,065
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