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Tecno Pack FP 020 Evo

Tecno Pack FP 020 Evo
Tecno Pack FP 020 Evo
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Used on magazines, mail-outs, DL size envelope mailers, brochures and periodicals, pies, chocolate bars, cookies, biscuits, cakes, cucumbers, tomatoes, all tray type foodstuffs, etc. Uses Polypropylene, polyester, foiled or cellophane type single wound films.   Film can be printed or plain, cold or hot sealed.   Additional extras we can offer in conjunction include, streaming inserters, coders/labellers, print registration, shrink film jaws to name a few!   Features: 3 axis servo controlled motors, three pairs of fin wheels, air cooled top product tray, 2100mm in-feed conveyor, three temperature controllers, and 270mm jaws as standard.
Powder coated finish or stainless steel.

Technical characteristics
- Cantilevered frame
- Longitudinal sealing unit with three pairs of rollers
- Capacity up to 150ppm
- Product dimensions: max width 200mm - max height 120mm
- Reel dimensions: max web 520mm
- Packaging materials: heat and cold sealing film
- Machine weight: 750 kg

Optional Extras
- Photoelectric sensor for print centering
- Printer
- Second reel carrier
- Width increase up to 760mm
- In-feed conveyor extension
- Pre-heat first group of longitudinal heat-sealing wheels
- Stainless steel version

Electrical features and management
- 3 axis controlled servo motors
- Operator terminal with alphanumerical display and keyboard with recipe recall option
- Electronically regulated temperature controls
- Voltage:400V-50Hz-3phase
- Rated power: 5 KW

Pneumatic features
- Compressed air supply: 6 bar (air dry and filtered)

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