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Automatic Label Applicators

Meet our range of Automatic Label Applicators, an essential for savvy food manufacturers who want to boost productivity. Designed to efficiently streamline your labeling process for any type of flexible food packaging. Offering speed, precision, and consistency, these machines are perfect for labeling anything from cookies to lollies, fresh produce to cheeses.

We’ve been helping NZ food producers grow their businesses for more than 30 years. Talk to us for personalised advice on selecting the right machines to make your production process more efficient.

What is an automatic labeller?

A label applicator machine is a device designed to efficiently and accurately apply labels onto various flexible food packaging. It automates the process of affixing labels, reducing manual labor and improving productivity in industries, like food packaging, that require consistent labelling.

How do label applicators work?

Automatic label applicators dispense individual labels from a roll or stack and accurately apply them to the designated spot using pressure-sensitive adhesive or glue. Some machines incorporate sensors or vision systems for quality control. The labelled products continue along the conveyor belt or are ejected from the machine, ready for packaging or distribution.

What are the different types of labelling machines?

Print-and-apply labellers print information on labels in real-time and then apply them to products. Top and bottom labellers apply labels to the top and bottom of products such as trays or packages. Additionally, wrap-around labellers apply labels around cylindrical or curved surfaces, commonly used for bottles or cans. While front and back labellers simultaneously apply labels to the front and back of products, suitable for flat surfaces like boxes or containers.

What are the benefits of labelling equipment?

Firstly, it improves efficiency by automating the application of labels, saving time and reducing the need for manual labour. Secondly, it ensures labels are applied uniformly on products. This improves product presentation, branding, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Thirdly, labelling equipment increases productivity, allowing for higher output and faster turnaround times. Finally, it offers flexibility by accommodating various label sizes, shapes, and materials.

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