We’ve helped a range of Kiwi confectioners, from boutique chocolatiers, through to the familiar confectionary brands on the shelves at Countdown and New World.

Humidity and air don’t mix well with confectionery. Your packaging must provide good protection to preserve the freshness, flavour, and texture of your delicious sweet treats.

It can be confusing trying to select a packaging system with the right barrier properties, moisture resistance, and airtight seal to prevent spoilage and maintain product quality.

Achieving the right balance between portion size, ease of opening, and looking great can be challenging. We will help you consider your customer preferences, regulatory requirements, and the practicality of different packaging options.

Importantly, our products are safe, secure, and meet all food hygiene requirements.

The most common machinery our produce customers use are:

Flow-Pack Systems

Our flow-pack systems package confectionery in bags with ease. In fact, some of our horizontal electronic flow-wrappers (HFFS) can pack up to 200 items per minute.

These machines seamlessly form the bag, fill it with your desired quantity of chocolate bars, marshmallow Santas, or Easter bunnies, and securely seal it. You can easily switch between product varieties thanks to adjustable bag sizes and quick changeover capabilities.

We can also support your business with wrapping difficult products, which, due to the size or weight may not easily run along the machine surfaces.

Vertical form, fill, and seal machines

We have vertical systems designed specifically for confectionery. These machines automate the process by forming bags or pouches and filling them with your lollies or chocolate treats. Their vertical design saves space, while the sealing mechanism keeps your food fresher for longer.

We’ll help your business package up your lollies or chocolate bars for sale on supermarket shelves. Our packaging specialists will advise on the right packaging to not only protect your product and keep it fresh, but also make it stand out.

Sachet Filling Systems

We provide sachet machines for sachets that you’d be familiar seeing for sherbert or confectionary popping crystals. Designed for efficiency and reliability, these compact machines are fully automated, they will precisely fill, seal, and label your sachets. With user-friendly controls and customisable settings, they accommodate a wide range of packaging materials and product requirements.

Shrink wrap machines

Our shrink wrap machines will securely enclose your confectionary in a protective film. By applying heat, the film shrinks tightly around the product, creating a hygienic and tamper-evident package, without heating the chocolate in the package.

It can be really complicated to get the right equipment that’s why we have a proven process to help get the right machinery for your business.

Call us for a chat. We’ll step you through it and recommend the packaging that we would choose if we were in your shoes.

How we can help you

1. Consult Tell us about your business, your food products, and how you want to package them.
2. Advise We’ll recommend the best packaging machines to suit your business.
3. Install You get the right equipment for the job. We can install it and train your team to use it safely.
4. Support We'll support you with technical advice, servicing, maintenance, and printing.

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