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Impulse Sealers

We get asked about our impulse sealers a lot—they’re our most widely used heat sealer type for commercial food packaging. Impulse sealers use a short burst of energy to create a seal. More suited to small and medium operations, they’re portable as well as quick and effective at sealing.

We offer a range of single and double impulse sealers in both hand and foot-operated models. Most of our machines come with adjustable work tables, controls, and pedestals.

You can be confident buying an impulse sealer machine from us because we back it up with a range of parts including everything from replacement heating elements and temperature controllers to sealing bars and cutting wires.

What do you package with an impulse seal machine?

You can package a wide variety of foods with an impulse sealer. They can be used for fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables to maintain freshness. They’re also an effective way to seal bakery products like bread, cookies and pastries.

Are your impulse sealers adjustable?

If you’re sealing liquids or powders, some of our machines can be adjusted to a 45° angle, specially for this purpose. We also offer manual and automated options that include attached printers or cutters.

How does heating work on an impulse sealer?

Impulse sealers only apply heat to the material during the sealing process. Once the desired sealing time is reached, the electrical current is cut off, and the sealing bars remain pressed together to allow the material to cool and solidify. This process creates a strong, airtight seal along the length of the bag or package.

What is an impulse sealer?

An impulse sealer is a type of heat sealer that uses a brief pulse of energy to generate heat for sealing. It typically consists of a heating element and a sealing bar that, when pressed together, produce a seal by melting the packaging material.

What is the difference between vacuum sealer and impulse sealer?

The main difference between a vacuum sealer and an impulse sealer is their functionality. A vacuum sealer is designed to remove air from a package before sealing, creating a vacuum-sealed environment, while an impulse sealer is primarily used for sealing bags or pouches by applying heat to melt the packaging material and create a secure seal without removing air.

Is an impulse seal machine better than a hot bar seal machine?

The choice between an impulse sealer and a hot bar sealer depends on the specific application and requirements. While an impulse sealer is generally more cost-effective, portable, and suitable for sealing thinner materials, a hot bar sealer offers the advantage of continuous sealing for high-volume production and can handle thicker materials.

What is the difference between an impulse and a constant heat sealer?

The main difference between an impulse sealer and a constant heat sealer lies in the method of applying heat. An impulse sealer uses a brief pulse of energy to generate heat only when the seal is being made, while a constant heat sealer maintains a continuous heat supply, ready for sealing at any time. Impulse sealers are typically more energy-efficient and suitable for thinner materials, while constant heat sealers are better suited for thicker materials and continuous sealing operations.


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