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Flow Wrap Film

Flow wrap films give you an efficient way to package your food products so they stay fresh and look great on the shelf. There are a huge variety of plastic films designed for use with a flow wrapping machine—the right choice depends on your equipment and the type of food you manufacture. As food packaging specialists, we’ll help you select the right film for the job. Just reach out to us for advice.

We can even supply your flow wrap film pre-printed with your branding and information. It’s all done out of our Auckland print facility, where we service customers all over NZ.

Biodegradable Film

As more consumers and retailers are becoming environmentally conscious, biodegradable–or home compostable–films are gaining popularity. These films decompose over time, reducing environmental impact. They’re an excellent choice for businesses committed to sustainability.

While we would love to be able to use biofilms exclusively, they do have limitations, so aren’t yet suitable for every application. They don’t offer the same barrier properties as standard synthetic films which can affect shelf life and freshness of products that are sensitive to moisture and air exposure. They also have a lower melting point so don’t work with hot foods.

You can learn more about our Biodegradable film options here, or contact us for personalised advice.

Oriented Polypropylene (OPP)

OPP films are versatile and are used in various food packaging applications due to their excellent moisture barrier properties, clarity, and printability. It provides a strong barrier against external elements, making it ideal for products requiring a robust seal.

Common uses include snack packaging (like chips and confectionery), fresh produce, and bakery items. High tensile strength also makes it suitable for packaging heavier or bulkier items. OPP films are commonly used in flow wrap (or flow pack) applications, where the film needs to be folded and sealed around a product.

Talk to us about your products and packaging process and we will help you select the right film to keep your food fresh and well presented.

Fresh Flex

Fresh Flex films are tailor-made for products like pies and sausage rolls that require both freshness and suitability for warming in ovens.

The option to supply these films perforated allows for controlled ventilation, which is crucial for keeping baked goods fresh with crispy, flaky pastry. If you’re making products that customers might want to heat without unpacking, Fresh Flex is a fantastic option.

As with other films, we can supply printed and perforated film so all you need to do is bag up your freshly made pies and get them out there ready to heat and eat!

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1. Consult Tell us about your business, your food products, and how you want to package them.
2. Advise We’ll recommend the best packaging machines to suit your business.
3. Install You get the right equipment for the job. We can install it and train your team to use it safely.
4. Support We'll support you with technical advice, servicing, maintenance, and printing.

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