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Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines (VFFS)

Explore our range of Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines. They are designed to package your products in sealed, vertical bags—ideal for anything from chips to coffee, spices to nuts. VFFS machines give you efficiency, speed, and flexibility so you can handle varying product types and sizes with ease.

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How does a VFFS packaging machine work?

A Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) machine is a handy piece of equipment that does just what its name suggests – it forms, fills, and seals packages, all in a vertical flow. Here’s how it works:


The machine starts with a roll of packaging film, pulling it downwards and forming it into a tube shape. It’s a bit like when you roll a piece of paper into a tube.


Once the tube is formed, the machine fills it with your product from the top. Imagine pouring popcorn into a paper bag. This is great for a wide variety of products, like chips, candy, coffee, or spices.


After the product is dropped in, the machine then seals the top of the tube, creating a closed package. The bottom of the next package is sealed at the same time, and the process repeats.

The real beauty of a VFFS machine lies in its simplicity and efficiency. It can handle different types of products and packaging materials, and it works fast, which can greatly improve your packaging speed.The vertical orientation is particularly suitable for loose, free-flowing products.

What’s the difference between a Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine and a Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine?

Both Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) and Horizontal Form Fill & Seal (HFFS) machines are designed to streamline your food packaging process, but they operate in different orientations and are better suited to different types of products. Here’s a simple way to understand the difference.

Think of a VFFS machine like a waterfall. It works in a top-down, vertical flow. You pour your product into the top of a bag that’s being formed, and it falls down into the bag. The bag is then sealed at the bottom. This vertical process is ideal for loose, free-flowing products, like popcorn, chips, coffee beans, or spices. Essentially, anything that easily pours down into a bag is a great fit for a VFFS machine.

On the other hand, imagine a HFFS machine as a conveyor belt at the airport. Your product moves along a horizontal path, and film wraps around it to form a package, which is then sealed. It’s perfect for products that are better suited to horizontal handling due to their shape or stability, like sandwiches, cookies, granola bars, or trays of baked goods.

In simple terms, choose a VFFS machine if your product flows easily into a bag from above, and choose a HFFS machine if your product is better handled while moving horizontally. Both machines offer speed, efficiency, and flexibility, but the best choice for you depends on the specific nature of your products.

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