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Rotating Accumulation Tables

Boost the efficiency of your food production process with our range of Rotary Accumulation Tables. These tables cleverly collect, hold, and stage your packaged products to minimise manual handling and improve your workflow. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind from having a neat and efficient end-of-line operation.

Our local NZ team has 30 years experience designing and installing packaging equipment systems. Talk to us about what you need and we’ll help you scale your business with faster, more efficient packaging.

What is a rotary accumulation table?

An accumulation table acts as a kind of conveyor belt roundabout. After your products are packaged, they are moved onto this rotating table, which collects and stages them for the next phase. The table spins slowly, allowing the products to spread out and accumulate without jamming up or causing a backlog. This “stages” your products so they are ready for additional packaging steps, quality checks, or being boxed up for shipping.

These machines work with a variety of packaging types such as bottles, jars, cans, cartons, and pouches. The package should have a flat bottom and be stable enough to stand on the rotating table without tipping over. Rotary tables are quite versatile which makes them a great addition to almost any packaging line, helping to streamline operations and boost productivity.


How does a rotary accumulation table work?

A Rotary Accumulation Table is a very simple piece of machinery but it can have a huge effect on productivity. In straightforward terms, it’s a rotating circular table powered by a motor. As packaged goods come off the production line, they’re guided onto the rotating surface of the table. This keeps your production line moving smoothly by providing a buffer zone where goods can accumulate without disrupting the flow of production.

The direction of rotation can be adjusted to match the workflow. This means you can have products entering and exiting from any point on the table, making it easy to fit one into your existing setup.

The rate of rotation, table height, and other parameters can usually be adjusted to optimize the table for different types of products. Once the table is filled, the products can be manually or automatically removed, depending on the specific setup of your production line.

In essence, a Rotary Accumulation Table keeps your production line moving smoothly by providing a buffer zone where goods can accumulate without disrupting the flow of production.

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