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Your food will stay fresh and look great with our range of film products. Whether you’re a small business or large-scale operation, we’ll help you choose the right packaging film products for your application. Our customers rely on our film for secure, air-tight seals when packaging items like baked goods, fresh produce, dairy products and confectionery.

Whatever food you’re packing, we’ll help you find the film products that work for you. Talk to our local team of specialists for advice—we have been supporting NZ’s food industry for more than 30 years!

What are the different types of film products?

With so many types of packaging film available, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for your business. It’s important to select a film that meets food safety requirements, has the right barrier properties, is compatible with your food product, offers the right printing options, and considers sustainability.

If you’re unsure, ask our packaging experts if the film you intend to use is compliant with regulations, safely preserves your food and meets your packaging requirements. We would be happy to help.

Compostable and biodegradable film

Compostable film decomposes in a composting environment, without leaving behind toxic residue. Microorganisms break it down into organic matter, producing a nutrient-rich compost. Biodegradable film, on the other hand, naturally breaks down over time through microorganism activity in various environments, without specifically promoting compost production.

Compostable and biodegradable films are great for fresh produce and food that needs to breathe, however, these films may be unsuitable for food that needs a moisture barrier, long shelf life, high-temperature resistance, or containment of oils and greases, like crispy snacks.

Flow wrap film

Flow wrap film, also known as horizontal form-fill-seal film, is a versatile packaging material commonly used in food packaging applications. It’s suitable for packaging food items such as granola bars, cookies, candies, and single-serve snacks. The film’s ability to conform tightly to the product, provide excellent seal integrity, and offer good clarity for product visibility makes it ideal for maintaining freshness, extending shelf life, and enhancing the visual appeal of these packaged food items.

Food packaging printing

We’re well known in the industry for our manufacture and conversion of plain or printed films and laminates. We’ll supply these to you for your automatic packing lines, as roll stock, or if your company is still in a growth phase, we can support you with finished bags as well.

We use the latest flexible web printing technology with Soma’s award-winning Optima press. This is an eight-colour machine that prints surface or reverse up to a high-quality photographic standard.


Laminates provide an additional protective layer to packaging film. They also enhance your graphics by lifting the colour, boldness, and overall shelf appeal.

Laminates can be made from a wide range of materials. The finishes can be clear and glossy, a metalised foil appearance, a matt finish, or involve papers for an earthy look.

We have a short supply chain, so most of our base films are available ex-stock, meaning there is no need for extensive lead times. And importantly, all our products are food safe.

How we can help you

1. Consult Tell us about your business, your food products, and how you want to package them.
2. Advise We’ll recommend the best packaging machines to suit your business.
3. Install You get the right equipment for the job. We can install it and train your team to use it safely.
4. Support We'll support you with technical advice, servicing, maintenance, and printing.

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