L-bar Sealers

With an L-Bar Sealer you can easily and securely seal your products in plastic shrink film. They give you an efficient way to package baked goods, fresh produce, cheeses, frozen food, and snack foods. L-Bar sealers are popular because they are so versatile—you can use one machine to package food products of different sizes and shapes.

Talk to us about the products you want to package and we’ll make sure you get the right equipment for your production needs. Our local technicians will even help you install and maintain it!

What is an L-bar Sealer?

L-Bar Sealers (also known as L-Sealers) are a type of packaging machine that creates secure seals on plastic film. They have two sealing bars arranged in an “L” shape, hence the name. The longer side of the L-bar creates the seal using heat to fuse the plastic film together, while the short side cuts and separates your sealed package from the rest of the material.

They are an efficient way to create professional looking and secure packaging for a wide range of different food products. The same L-Bar Sealing Machine can be used to package products with varying shapes and sizes so it is a versatile option for small and medium sized commercial food producers.

How do you use an L-Bar Heat Sealer?

Every machine is different and we will provide detailed instructions and training for every machine we sell. However, the basic process for using an L-Bar Sealer is as follows:

  1. Prepare the packaging material. Place the shrink film on the flat surface, free from wrinkles and folds.
  2. Position the product onto the film making sure it is centered and properly aligned.
  3. Lower the sealing bar and apply firm even pressure against the film and the product. This will create the seal along the longer arm of the L-shape.
  4. Activate the cutting bar. Once the seal is complete, the cutting bar will move across the shorter side of the L to cut the packaged product away from the rest of the film.
  5. Remove the packaged product and place it aside for further processing or handling. Or, place it into a shrink tunnel to shrink the film tightly around the product.

It’s pretty straightforward! But if you’re new to using an L-Bar sealing machine, don’t stress—we provide full support for all of the packaging equipment we supply.

Talk to one of our local packaging specialists and we’ll make sure you get the right heat sealer for your business, including the film to go with it.

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