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Package Leak Testers

Safeguard your product quality by detecting even the tiniest leaks in your packaging. Our Package Leak Testers are designed for food manufacturers of all sizes. It’s a fast and reliable way to be sure your packaging is always up to scratch. So you can preserve the freshness of your food products while keeping your customers safe.

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What is a packaging leak tester?

A packaging leak tester is a critical quality control tool that ensures the integrity of food packaging. In essence, it helps determine whether the food packages are airtight or not, crucial for preserving the food’s freshness and preventing spoilage.

There are several types of testers. The ones we sell work by placing the food package under water and applying a vacuum. The change in pressure causes air inside any compromised package to expand, resulting in visible bubbles. This indicates a leak and that the package hasn’t been sealed properly.

The equipment is typically made from sturdy, hygienic stainless steel and polycarbonate. They have controls to adjust the vacuum and release it, ensuring accurate results. It’s particularly suited to food businesses where package reliability is paramount.

Why should you leak test your packaging?

Package leak testing is crucial for many food manufacturing businesses. It ensures the integrity of your packaging, so you can maintain product quality, freshness, and shelf-life. Any leakage could lead to exposure to air, bacteria, or other contaminants, leading to spoilage.

Leak testing is also important for consumer safety and satisfaction. Leakage could cause food contamination and pose a health risk to consumers. This could damage your brand’s reputation, and potentially lead to product recalls.

New Zealand’s food safety regulations require businesses to demonstrate effective control over their packaging processes. The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) stipulates that all packaged food must be safe and suitable for consumption. Having a leak tester can help comply with these regulations, providing documented proof that your packaging is sound and the food inside is safe.

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