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Shrink Wrapping Machines

Get the right shrink wrapping machine for your business. We have the complete range, from small manual shrink wrappers to large automated sealers. Our customers typically use shrink packaging for fresh produce, frozen food, and egg trays. They’re also suitable for other boxed up products like board games and puzzles.

Let us know which products you want to wrap and we’ll help you choose the perfect machine. We’ll even help with installation and ongoing support.

What is a shrink wrapping machine?

A shrink wrapping machine (also called a heat shrink packaging machine) is a piece of equipment that wraps products tightly in plastic film. The machine applies heat to the film so that it shrinks, fitting snugly around the products. This creates a secure barrier to protect your items from dust, moisture and contaminants.

There are three main steps to shrink wrapping: sealing, shrinking, and cooling. First, the machine seals the film around the product using heat or pressure. Then it applies heat evenly to the wrapped product, which makes the film shrink to tightly enclose the contents. Lastly, the film cools down which solidifies the seal and ensures the packaging maintains its shape.

How do I choose the right shrink wrapper?

To get the right shrink wrapping machine for your business you need to be clear about your specific requirements. What is the size, shape, and quantity of products you’ll be wrapping? Are you packing individual items only or larger groups?

Typically you will need an L-Bar Sealer to seal your product in film, then a heat tunnel to shrink the wrap around it securely. We do offer all in one machines that combine both into one chamber. These are slower but require less manual handling. L-bar & Tunnel combo machines are best when you need to maximise efficiency.The best way to be sure you will get the right shrink wrapper for your products is to talk to us. Our local NZ packaging specialists will talk you through the options so you can choose the best option for your budget and business goals.

How we can help you

1. Consult Tell us about your business, your food products, and how you want to package them.
2. Advise We’ll recommend the best packaging machines to suit your business.
3. Install You get the right equipment for the job. We can install it and train your team to use it safely.
4. Support We'll support you with technical advice, servicing, maintenance, and printing.

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