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Food Metal Detectors

Enjoy peace of mind with our selection of Food Metal Detectors. Designed for the food industry, these machines detect any metal contaminants in your products and remove the item from the packaging line. So you can deliver safe, high-quality products every time. They’re a vital tool to help you comply with food safety regulations, helping you avoid costly recalls and protecting your brand’s reputation.

Explore our range to find the perfect fit for your production line – let’s create a safer food industry together. We’ve been helping NZ food businesses for over 30 years, so get in touch for personalised advice and technical support.

Which metal detectors are used in the food industry?

In food businesses that use plastic or cardboard packaging, Non-Ferrous and Stainless Steel Metal Detectors are the go-to choice. These machines are specifically designed to detect metals like aluminum, copper, and stainless steel, which can inadvertently find their way into the production process.

There are also metal detectors designed for liquids to scan liquid foods like sauces and dairy products for metal contaminants before packaging.

Here’s how they work: The metal detector creates an electromagnetic field, and as your product passes through this field, the detector scans for any disruption. If a metallic contaminant (like a piece of machinery or a broken off piece of a metal tool) disrupts the field, it’s an instant red flag. The machine then swiftly rejects the product or signals for a stop in the process, so potentially contaminated goods can’t make it to your customers.

These types of detectors are essential to maintain high standards of food safety so that you deliver only the safest, highest quality products to your market.

How do food metal detectors work?

Food metal detectors work using the principle of electromagnetic induction. When food products pass through the aperture of the metal detector, they’re subjected to a high-frequency magnetic field. Any metallic particles present in the product will disturb this field, causing a change in the signal received by the detector’s receiver coil.

Think of it as like a security scanner at the airport, but instead of scanning for unauthorized items in your luggage, these detectors scan your food products for any unwanted metallic particles.

Once a change in the signal is detected, the metal detector immediately triggers an alert or a rejection mechanism. This could be a flashing light, an alarm, or even an automatic pusher that physically rejects the product off the production line. This way, any contaminated product is isolated before it can reach consumers.

Not sure which metal detectors are suitable for your food manufacturing business? Talk to us. Our local specialists have more than 30 years experience advising NZ manufacturers. We’ll make sure you get the right equipment for your operation and give you ongoing support and servicing.

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