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Pouch Packing & Filling Machines

Boost the efficiency and accuracy of your food packaging process with our pouch packing machines. Ideal for a range of products like yoghurt and other dairy products, soups, pre-cooked meals, and small solids like dried fruit, cereal, and pet food. Pouch filling machines automate the process of filling and sealing pouches to give you accurate portions and attractive product packaging.

Not sure which machine is right for your business? Talk to our packaging specialists, we’ve been helping NZ food businesses get the right packaging equipment for more than 30 years.

What is a pouch packing machine?

A pouch packing and filling machine is a great way to get foods like yogurt, honey, nuts and dried fruits into pouches quickly, cleanly, and consistently. This versatile piece of equipment fills your pouches, seals them, and has them ready for distribution in no time.

Also known as pouch sealing machines,  pouch packing machines are popular with our customers because they ensure consistency, reduce waste and make their operations more efficient.

How does a pouch filling machine work?

The pouch filling and sealing process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Pouch Loading: The machine holds a stack of preformed pouches. One by one, these pouches are picked up and held open, ready for filling.
  2. Filling: The machine then dispenses a precise amount of your product–be it yogurt, honey, nuts, or dried fruits–into each open pouch. It fills a precise amount of product to give you consistency and minimise waste.
  3. Sealing: Once each pouch is filled, the machine moves them to the sealing station. The top of the pouch is heated, and then the sides are pressed together to create a secure seal. This keeps your product safe and fresh during storage and transportation.

How do I choose a liquid pouch packing and filling machine?

Choosing the right liquid pouch filling machine for your food business comes down to a few key factors:

Product type: What type of liquid do you need to package? Is it free-flowing like fruit juice or a viscous one like honey or yoghurt? The machine needs to handle your product’s specific consistency and filling requirements.

Pouch size and type: What size and type of pouch are you using? The machine needs to be compatible with these. It could be a good idea to select a machine that can handle different sizes or types for future flexibility.

Production volume: Consider the quantity of pouches you need to fill per hour, day, or week. This can dictate whether you need a fully automatic high-speed machine, or if a semi-automatic or even manual machine would suffice.

Budget: It’s important to factor in not just the initial cost of the machine but also operating and maintenance costs. Higher-end machines cost more upfront but are actually more cost-efficient in the long run due to their durability and higher production speeds.

After-sales service and support: Look for a supplier who provides good after-sales service, including parts and maintenance. This can save you a lot of trouble down the line.

Choosing the right machine for your business is a big decision. That’s why we are here to offer personalised advice based on your products and business goals. Get in touch and we’ll help you evaluate the options. Our packaging experts will even help with installation, training and ongoing servicing support.

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