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Checkweigher Machines

A Checkweigher Machine ensures that each package leaving your production line is precisely the right weight. Perfect for food manufacturing businesses large and small, these machines automatically check and sort packages based on weight. This gives you consistent product quality and helps you meet regulatory requirements.

Our local team will help you select the right machine for your operation. We’ve been helping the NZ food industry with packaging for over 30 years, so get in touch and let us know how we can help!

What’s the purpose of a checkweigher?

A checkweigher is a high-precision machine used to ensure that the weight of packaged products meets specified regulations or targets. They give you reliable quality control and regulatory compliance, as they help detect and remove under or overfilled packages from your production line.

This helps you avoid customer dissatisfaction, reduces waste, and ensures you comply with rules and regulations about product weights. Check weighers can also help you optimise the filling process. This will make your packaging operation more efficient, creating cost savings in the long run.

How do checkweighers work?

Check weighers use a series of conveyor belts and high-accuracy sensors. Here’s the basic process:

  1. The product is placed onto the infeed conveyor, which guides it onto the weighing conveyor.
  2. The weighing conveyor, equipped with a highly accurate sensor, measures the weight of the product as it moves across.
  3. Based on the measured weight, the machine’s control system determines if the product is within the preset weight range.
  4. Products that are within the range continue onto the outfeed conveyor. Those that are underweight or overweight are removed from the production line, often using a reject mechanism such as a pusher or air blast.

This whole process is fast and does not slow down the production line. It guarantees all of your products meet the required weight specifications and helps you maintain quality standards, comply with regulations, and reduce waste.

The checkweigher will produce a variance report at the end of each shift, so you can keep the records as a part of your Quality Assurance process.  We can even set up the checkweigher to provide feedback to the weighers so that the whole line adjusts in real time to rectify any weight variation trends.

We’re here to give you advice on selecting the right equipment to make your production process more efficient. We’ll even install your new checkweigher machine for you and set it up to suit your goals. Reach out to our friendly team to let us know how we can help you.

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