FSA Auto Sealer

Product Description


  • High quality auto type sealing machine
  • Temperature Setting Control
  • Imprinter available
  • Separate programmable timers for material thickness, congealing and operating cycle
  • Create perfect seals everytime
  • Foot switch included for manual operation
  • heat temperature of 80-250°C

Price List:

455FSA $1991.20
4510FSA $2096
605FSA $2096
6010FSA $2200.80

*Prices exclude GST & Freight

Specification 455FSA/4510 FSA

Power 220V, 60HZ, 1900W/2500W
Sealing for 455FSA L 18″ x W 2.5mm
Sealing for 4510FSA L 18″ x W 5mm
Heating Time 0.2 – 2.5 sec
Net Weight 22 kg

Specification 605FSA/6010FSA

Power 220V, 60HZ, 2300W/2900W
Sealing for 605FSA L 24″ x W 2.5mm
Sealing for 6010FSA L 24″ x W 5mm
Heating Time 0.2 – 2.5 sec
Net Weight 23 kg

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