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Keed MP-2 BM Box Motion Flow Wrapper

Product Description

Cantilevered design made from Stainless steel with an integrated electrical cabinet. This modular flow wrapper has the benefit of being “Box Motion” allowing for non interrupted operation of the product feed. The HMI touch screen panel is integrated into the top of the machine, as an optional extra a swivel bracket can be mounted to allow angle adjustments of the screen. The bottom loading of the film roll allows easy film change as the operator does not need to reach above the machine when exchanging films.


  • Voltage – 415 VAC 50Hz 3 Phase
  • Air – 6 Bar / 87Psi
  • Dimensions – 6m L x 1.5m W x 1.6m H
  • Weight – 1.5 Tonne
  • Pack Rate – 60-70 Packs per minute (1×5 multi-pack)
  • Product Dimensions – (145mm L x 170mm W x 80mm H) to (300mm L x 230mm W x 120mm H)

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