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Linapack LFS2000-R Rotary Pouch Machine

Product Description

Automatic Rotary Fill and Seal machines for premade flat sachets and stand-up pouches (doypack)

The LINAPACK LFS-R SERIES machine range for filling and sealing premade flat sachets and stand-up pouches has been designed for the user peace of mind and a hygienic high quality production.  The revolutionary design means all servo motors and mechanical parts are above the pouches – this means any spilt product does not interfere with the operation, and ensures clean up is easier than any other machine of its type on the market.

These machines are used for a wide variety of products such as food and beverage, animal/pet food, detergents, cosmetics, chemical products, etc.

The rotary design concept offers great flexibility in the type and the number of different products to be filled as well as pouches types.

The flexibility and quick size change make this machine range suitable for short runs or longer productions even in 3 shifts.

The LFS-R series machines principle is based on an indexed table with grippers holding the pouches. Based on this principle, several types of pouches can easily be produced.

The specifications below are a guide only, and any size / pack configurations can be used.

Selection guide

Pouch volume (according to the filler capacity) up to 2000ml
Pouch width 90 – 235mm
Pouch Height 120 – 300mm
Production speed (Varies according to the pouch and product) up to 40/minute

Packed products

Almost all types of products that can be packed in a pouch can be filled on a Linapack machine:

  • food and beverages,
  • animal feeds/pet food,
  • detergents,
  • cosmetics,
  • chemical products,
  • etc.

For complex products, special and third party dosing systems can be used.

Pouch styles

All machine versions can be fitted with accessories to handle pouches with spout, ZIP, valve, special shape, etc.


  • Quick size change over.
  • Completely wash down safe (IP55 or better) thanks to stainless steel and engineering plastics construction including frame, covers and parts.
  • Practically maintenance free and particularly hygienic as no lubrication is needed on the outside machine parts.
  • Accurate and smooth table motion.
  • Complete access granted to all machine parts for quick and easy change over of pouch size and product.
  • User friendly setting done via a touch screen and adjustable while the machine is in production.
  • No pouch or pouch not open – no fill.
  • PID temperature control of sealing jaws.
  • Multiple alarms programmed. The machine stops immediately, at the end of a cycle or after all bags are completed according to the type of alarm.
  • Micro filter for air blown in the pouch at the opening station.
  • Quality and commonly available components are chosen from well reputed international companies.
  • CE or other standard safety covers.
  • Ancillary exit conveyors and accumulation/packing tables according to the end user requirements are available.

Options available

  • Single or multiple steps filling.
  • Jacketed hopper for hot filled products.
  • Product agitator in hopper.
  • Zip opening and re-closing.
  • Spout pouches handling devices.
  • Gas flushing (Modified Atmosphere).
  • Special shape sealing bars.
  • Coding by inkjet or embossing.
  • Sealed pouches delivery standing up or lying down on conveyor.
  • And more…

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