Single Head Linear Weigher

Product Description

This Stainless Steel constructed single head linear weigher is perfect for low speed free flowing products such as coffee beans, ground coffee, spices, powders, granulated products, confectionery, dried fruit, grated cheese, etc.

Depending on weigh volume and product, speeds of up to 10 dumps per minute are possible, with good accuracy – but this is always best tested by our technicians to confirm ‘real’ production speeds by product.

Pair with one of our Band-sealers and inkjet date coders to seal the pouches or bags, and real time batch code, for a manual solution, or add one of our VFFS machines, for the complete automated solution.  

Units are available ex-stock.

  • utilises a vibration pan and high precision weighing load cells
  • most commonly used for semi-automatic operation or small production requirements
  • stepping motor drives the weigh bucket, eliminating the need for pneumatic air supply
  • automatic dump cycle or manual mode activated with the foot pedal that is included
  • Touchscreen PLC stores up to 10 preset recipes
  • settings can be changed whilst the unit is operating giving you control over weights, dump loads and speed
  • password controlled authority level and user access
  • hopper, weigh bucket and funnel can be easily disconnected without any tools for cleaning
  • standalone unit that can be set on table top or optional floor stand
  • separate bulk and dribble settings
  • two-speed control logic for the vibratory feed pan (dribble)
  • food grade stainless steel construction for contact parts


  • larger capacity hopper
  • level sensor (pictured) in hopper to allow auto-feed of product from optional incline conveyor.
  • dimple finish
  • stand to be manufactured by Accolade in NZ to suit
  • hopper vibrating kit

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