Tecno Pack FP 016 Evo

Product Description

Used on mail-outs, brochures and periodicals, pies, chocolate bars, cookies, biscuits, cakes, cucumbers, tomatoes, all tray type foodstuffs, hardware, petfood, etc. Uses Clearflex, Freshflex, Natureflex, foiled or cellophane type single wound films.   Film can be printed or plain, cold or hot sealed.   Additional extras we can offer in conjunction include, streaming inserters, coders/labellers, print registration, shrink film jaws to name a few!


  • 3 axis servo controlled motors, three pairs of fin wheels, air cooled top product tray, in-built temperature controllers in PLC, and PLC with 5.7″ touchscreen.
  • Production Speeds up to 150 ppm.
  • Powder coated finish or stainless steel.
  • Max product dimensions of Length 60mm – 600mm, Width 10mm – 250mm, Height max. 120mm.
  • Physical dimensions 4000mm long x 1060mm deep x 1800mm high.
  • Weight 650kg


  • Roller conveyor through the bottom jaw.
  • Photo electric cell for print register.
  • Casters under the machine.
  • Gear shift for short/long pitch.
  • Double reel holder.
  • Polythene version.
  • In-feed extension.
  • Zig-zag knives.
  • Euro-slot punch.
  • No product no bag.
  • Gusseting device.

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