Tecno Pack FP 096

Product Description

The FP 096 feeds the film from below for the packaging of fragile, irregular or heavy products which need to be “carried” by the packaging material.  The electronic management of the machine makes it user friendly, while the cantilevered frame and the technical solutions incorporated in the design allow for easy care and reliability.

  • Performance:
    up to 220 ppm
  • Product size: max. 200 mm
    Height: max. 120 mm
  • Reel size
    Max 500 mm
    Outside Ø: max 350 mm
    Inside Ø: 70 ÷ 76 mm
  • Packaging materials
  • Machine weight (net)
    1100 Kg
  • Compressed air consumption
    20 NL/minute
    Compressed air: 6 bar dry and filtered air

Optional Extras:

  • Automatic splicer
  • Photocell for printing registration
  • Coder
  • Powered feed roll
  • Web width 740 mm
  • “Long Dwell” sealing head
  • Easy opening package
  • Outfeed packs control
  • Stainless steel version
  • No product-no bag

Motion control with PLC integrated “Touch-screen” operator interface to adjust machine parameters, Working program’s and machine diagnostics.

Power: 6 Kw

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