Tecno Pack FP200 EVO

Product Description

Specific machine for modified atmosphere packaging thanks to the tight packs granted by thissealing system. It is the most suitable flow-wrapper when: aesthetically good-looking packages with high quality side gussets and thick wrapping materials are required. Its cantilevered frame and easy access for cleaning and maintenance, keep the vast margin of the highest hygienical standards and industrial production aspects.

  • Performance:
    up to 70 ppm
  • Product size
    Width: max 350 mm
    Height: max 180 mm
  • Reel size
    Standard web: 520mm (up to 920mm as option)
    Outside Ø: max 350 mm
    Inside Ø: 70 ÷ 76 mm
  • Packaging materials
  • Machine weight (net)
    1300 Kg abt.
  • Machine size
    Lenght: 5400 mm (1500 mm loading area)
    Width: 1320 mm
    Height: 1750 mm

Optional Extras:

  • Automatic splicer
  • Photocell for printing registration
  • Modified atmosphere
  • Coder
  • Powered feed roll
  • Gusseting devices
  • Pack deflating devices
  • No product / no bag
  • Out of position
  • no cut
  • Stop of jaws closing for out of phase product
  • Motorized closing jaws
  • Easy opening package;
  • Outfeed packs control
  • Outfeed conveyor extension
  • Stainless steel version

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