Tecno Pack FP 022-023

Product Description

The FP 022 and FP 023 packaging machines feed the film from underneath, and the pulling of the upper sealing wheels assist in movement of the products, thus ensuring that even the most delicate products are protected and handled with the utmost care. Capable of pack rates up to 60 per minute. Suitable for heat seal-able polypropylene, polyester, foiled or cellophane type single wound films and film can be printed or plain. Powder coated finish or stainless steel.   Max product dimensions of Length 50mm – 850mm, Width 200mm (300mm for FP 023), Height 120mm (140mm for FP 023). Physical dimensions 5750mm long x 1000mm deep x 1200mm high. Weight 1250kg (1450kg for FP 023).

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